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AC cooling fan Top 10 Applications_No. 4 Elevator - Fulltech Electric

Elevator or also known as lift is a type of transportation device which moves people or good vertically.

There is more and more application for elevator, such as in the commercial building, department store and even in the house. More and more elevators are installed in the house, in the aging society nowadays. For the residential elevator, quietness is very crucial, thus Fulltech provides a series of AC cross flow fan specifically for elevator, such as UF-9060, UF9029 and UF6017 with features of high air volume, low noise and high ventilation efficiency, which is very sutible for the elevator ventilation. Customers can adjust the fan speed with speed control device to accommodate the requirement.

Fulltech, as professional AC fan manufacturer, suggests our customers to choose the AC fans with safety certification certified by 3rd party, such as UL, TUV Rheinland, CE and so on, to make sure the cooling fans meet the requirement of quality, life cycle, efficiency, low noise and so on.

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